In Process Execute Assembly and Mail Slots

While working on our team’s internal implant I wanted to implement the ability to execute .Net assemblies in memory.  However, by far the most common way of doing this is spawning a new process, executing the .Net assembly inside that process, and sending the response over a pipe to the launching process.  This is theContinue reading “In Process Execute Assembly and Mail Slots”

Implementing Direct Syscalls Using Hell’s Gate

I first encountered the concept of using direct system calls to bypass user-land API hooking a little more than a year ago when I read a blog post by Cornelis De Pla (@Cn33liz).  It is an excellent post and worth a read as he does an amazing job explaining exactly what system calls are andContinue reading “Implementing Direct Syscalls Using Hell’s Gate”

Bypassing Credential Guard

In ye old days, a [hacker, red teamer, penetration tester, motivated child] would compromise a host, use an exploit to elevate or laterally move, and then Mimikatz their way to glory (ok, maybe not just in the old days).  This is becoming increasingly more complicated to achieve. Many new technologies have been implemented to preventContinue reading “Bypassing Credential Guard”